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Terms and Conditions

By installing and using the software application available under the name Edupay (the “Application”) you hereby consent to the provisions provided herein below (the “Terms”) and declare that you are a user who is of legal age in accordance with the law applicable to such use in the Arab Republic of Egypt in compliance with the provisions and principles of conflict laws.

In the present Terms any references made to the first person in the plural form or a reference to the “Company” or “Edupay” or "us" shall refer to Edupay JSC. and any references made to the second person, “user”, “users”, “Users” or “User” shall be a reference to the natural person installing and/or using the Application.

By accessing and using the Application you agree to the Terms set forth in this document. Please read these terms carefully before accessing or using the application. You acknowledge that the terms are subject to continuous modifications, please review frequently.


General Purpose

The Application is a software client useable using mobile or stationary devices whereby a user shall be able to locate, identify and solicit personal loans and professional services from service providers ("Service Providers"), who have signed a legally binding agreement with the Company in the same context.


The Application

The Application is a software which, by nature, has inherent instabilities. By installing the Application you accept that the Company shall not in any way be liable for any malfunction of the Application or any behavior of your mobile or stationary device as a consequence of installing and/or operating the Application. The principle of no liability applies to the behavior or malfunction of any other software installed or to be installed on the User’s device. We do not guarantee in any way that the Application shall be capable of delivering its purpose fully which is due to the nature of software in general and possible errors or design aspects thereof.

The download and use of the Application is for free, however, you shall be responsible for any data charges that may apply to you whether by your mobile carrier or internet service provider.


The Application uses Global Positioning System (“GPS”) to locate your position and that of the available Service Providers you may be required to accept certain cookies or activate specific functionality in your device in order to facilitate the location of your position upon using the service. We make no representation as to the availability or the accuracy of the location services all provided through third party platforms.


Your Account and Personal Information

In order to use the service described above you shall be required to provide certain data accurately regarding yourself including but not limited to your legal name, personal IDs, HR letters, billing address, payment information, telephone number and other information determined by the Company from time to time on the basis of such information an account containing such information shall be assigned to you (an “Account”) while we shall maintain the confidentiality of the information of your account providing information only on a need to know basis securing the access key to your Account shall remain the user’s exclusive responsibility. You accept to bear any responsibility and financial or legal consequence that may arise due to the use of a third party of your account due to your failure to protect your information.

Your personal information shall be protected and kept pursuant to the provision of our privacy policy, however, we wish to inform you that i) some of the Account information shall be automatically shared in context with the Service Providers upon your request for service, ii) the user review, and iii) your billing information including credit card, direct debit or other payment methods shall be shared with the provider of such service to enable us to collect payment. We shall also generate, automatically, a record for users of services, in order to collect data that will mainly be used in the provision of the best possible background history of the User, however, as the Company is not a provider of Service or related services, there is no implied nor explicit representation as to whether or not such information shall be accessed or properly used by a service provider.

Furthermore, we shall provide your personal information to any regulatory, law enforcement or public advocacy (ombudsman) agency whenever we are so required by law and pursuant to the provisions and controls provided thereby.

We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate your Account pursuant to our sole discretion, furthermore, we cite certain cases that shall result in immediate suspension or termination of a user’s account which include, without limitation i) verbal, cyber or physical abuse of any person including directing insults, giving false description, ii) provision of false personal information or identity theft, iii) use of a username or identifier including insults to persons, groups or entities and iv) fraud or provision of false or deliberately misleading payment and billing information.




You shall be charged for any services, consumables, aids, devices rendered by us or Service Providers that the Service Providers may provide during their visit, or any other services rendered by other Service Providers. While we strive to publish all the rates at which you may be charged such charges may vary depending on various parameters of the service provided.

Kindly let us know whenever there is a duplication in charges and we shall correct such error as soon as practically possible after knowing of such complaints, for any billing or charges complaint please contact us on or call us on (+201010049534) please note that telephone charges and connectivity charges may apply.

The termination or suspension of a User’s account shall not relieve such User from the payment of any outstanding debt to the Company or a Service Provider.


User Review

Service Providers are subject to users reviews. We reserve the right whether or not to publish your review of a Professional or of a Service provider or other Service Providers and to remove such review if it contained abusive or inaccurate descriptions. 

You acknowledge that such review is not related in any means with the academic or professional rate or degree of either the Service Providers, or the other Service Providers; and that is a non-professional rating subject to the services rendered quality.


Limitation of Liability 

To the extent permissible under the applicable law, in no event will the Company be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect damages arising out of the use of the Application.

In the event of using the services; Users are fully aware that Service Providers shall engage in a professional relation with the user such relation shall be strictly a relation between the user and the Professional or the Service Provider and shall be subject to such contractual, legal, statutory or other terms that govern such relation.

Users acknowledge that the Company is not engaged in the practice and is not involved in the services rendered in any way. The Company will only act as a technology platform that connects users with the Professionals and/or Services Providers.  

The Company shall not in any way whatsoever be deemed to be a party, sponsor, guarantor or in any way having a relation nor making a representation in connection with the relation between a Professional and the User. The Company makes no representation on the verification of practitioner's license and permits of the Service Providers, and Users acknowledge that it is site verification of documents available on the Application represented by the Service Providers.

Dispute Resolution and Complaints

For any complaint regarding the professional conduct of a Service Provider please refer your complaint to their associated regulatory body and contacts, please also feel free to provide us with any complaints you may have, we shall make all reasonable efforts to assist you in pursuing your complaint based on our sole discretion.

Termination of service

We do not guarantee the continuity nor continuation of our service in any way whatsoever nor its availability or uninterrupted operation at any point in time.


The present Terms are subject to continuous review and modification the current Terms are effective as of 13th of January 2021.

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